the luxury design brand

by Adriano Design for B<D> Collection

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the luxury design brand

by Adriano Design for B<D> Collection

  • Filotto Short Film

  • Italian Luxury Interiors

    Italian Luxury Interiors

    Dubai 18th-21st November 2014

    @ Ritz Carlton

  • Maison & Objet

    Maison & Objet

    Paris 5th-9th September 2014

    Hall 8 - Design et Innovation
    Stand C57/D58


    8th – 13th APRIL 2014


    Via Tortona 35


    5th – 10th APRIL 2014


    Suites at Market Square Stand M-7055

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  • filotto

    Launching the brand is the classic game of billiards, an emblem of leisure originating from the palaces of the bourgeois, which has since become a popular sport across the generations. The first challenge of Calma e Gesso has been in recreating a product with such a long history but so little evolution.

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  • lungolinea

    Lungolinea is the latest addition to the Calma e Gesso collection, demonstrating the sophistication and ingenuity of italian design and craftsmanship in the game of ping-pong. With Lungolinea, Calma e Gesso have a new magic with which to astonish the world of luxury games tables.

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  • Adriano Design

    Adriano Design, founded by the brothers Davide and Gabriele Adriano, was established in 1997. Since then they have given a new twist to the design of a variety of different products, from the farming tractor ‘Multifarmer’, to the award- winning ‘Rotola’ wheel, without forgetting the eye-catching ‘Teckell’ fussball table. Adriano Design bring this desire to break and ‘re-invent’ the rules to the design of Calma e Gesso. It is thanks to this enduring philosophy that they have been exhibited at some of the most prestigious museums worldwide, including the Triennale Design Museum and the Chicago Atheneaum, and received numerous international awards including the Compasso d’Oro ADI 2014.
  • Italian ingenuity

    Whether it be in the product’s form, the materials used, or the manufacturing process, Calma e Gesso draws upon the highest quality italian traditions and innovations to bring a collection of original ‘Made in Italy’ products that transcend that of merely design to become works of art for the luxury milieu. Collaborating with passionate and skilful artisans across Italy to give birth to innovative new technological solutions and sophisticated production techniques is the basis of the brand’s design philosophy and can be seen in the way they overturn the archetype of a product to create, what seems to be, a distinctly new object. Elegant and unique, “Calma e Gesso” embodies the perfect duet of italian style and technological innovation.
  • B <D> Collection

    American architect and entrepreneur Gregg Brodarick is the director of B<D> Collection, the company behind Calma e Gesso, managing its production and distribution. He has worked and studied in Italy for two decades, and is editor of a series of Made in Italy brands. Elegant and unique, “Calma e Gesso” embodies the perfect duet of italian style and technological innovation. This collection springs from his passion for what happens when italian designers, artists, and craftsmen unite their creative forces. This synergy sparks design elements that are daring, distinct, and destined to become classics.

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